New Term

Welcome back to all our skaters!

The new term will start on 1st September and will go on until Christmas. Fees for this term are based on 16 weeks and are as follows:

  • 1 hour per week           € 160
  • 2 hours per week.        € 320
  • 3 hours per week         € 464
  • 4 hours per week         € 608

10% discount for 3rd and 4th family member.

Please also renew your annual membership and insurance this or next week (€25) and also ensure that you bring your wrist guards to each class.

Make sure that you dress up comfortably for training: no jeans, long skirts or dresses, no scarves, and long hair tied up.

Competitive Skating:

Competitive skating requires a significant commitment by both skaters and their families.

Any skater wishing to work towards competitions, needs to commit to at least 5 hours’ training per week (over two days or more, and including athletics). 

You also have to commit to extra training and choreography practice, as well as to purchasing skating outfits and the club uniform.

It is also strongly recommended that competitive skaters purchase their own skates.

You need to be available to travel to competitions. When travelling, younger skaters have to be accompanied by a parent, unless you make a private arrangement with other parents or guardians to supervise your child.

When booking holidays, you will have to ensure that they do not clash with competitions and other events, and you need to inform your coach of any absence from training.

Please note that it may take months or years to reach a competitive level and to learn all the required elements for each category.

Fees for competitive skaters are paid monthly (at the beginning of each calendar month) for 12 months a year.

    • 5 hours per week            € 170 per month
    • 8 hours per week            € 250 per month
    • 10 hours per week          € 300 per month
    • 12 hours per week          € 350 per month

In addition, there will be further expenses for choreographies and for extra practice.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, text (086-8077616) or email (